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Originally Posted by worldrecord50leagues
so are we doing this within insight, or are we using one of those sites. If we are doing it within insight, then I would be happy to help you out with the scoring etc.
Well it seems to me as if there won't be a competition on uefa for the actual tournament, as that is all about winning prizes for the tournament (tickets etc).

So I say funk that, and go back to the original plans.

If it turns out that uefa will be running it, then we can revert to that as the league is already set up.

As for scoring, I might just take you up on that wr50l...we'll see. Cheers

So a reminder...
Deadline for predictions is midday, 12th June - matchday, so plenty of time. These can either be posted in this thread, or PM'd to me if you wish.

1st Round of games:
12 June 2004 - Group A
Portugal vs Greece
Spain vs Russia

13 June 2004 - Group B
Switzerland vs Croatia
France vs England

14 June 2004 - Group C
Denmark vs Italy
Sweden vs Bulgaria

15 June 2004 - Group D
Germany vs Netherlands
Czech Republic vs Latvia
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