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Looks excellent to be honest. Graphically very impressive and it looks a hell of a lot more fluent and free flowing with the new 360 degree movement system.

You can see there is new slide tackling animation as well with a last ditch slide in the box winning the ball, it looked wonderful. Another plus point is the hit detection for collisions looks up to scratch as well, as around the 2:55 mark, two French players collide with each other and react accordingly.

Anyone else notice the nets too? From what I could notice, they looked to be a completely different shape in the sense that they weren't like a box shape, the back sloped down a bit - quite like an old school style of net, and in the video, the net colour looks blue, possibly representing France?

Can you not click the "Edit" function on the bottom of your post to include the video in your previous post no?
Yup! But that doesn't bump up the thread to the top, so people would be able to see that something new is in the thread... ;o)
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