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There is so much corruption in the Mexican Football federation. I heard players are paying their agents, who in return bribe some of the heads in the Federation so player can be add to the national team selection list. Is that true?
This certainly does not sound true at all. All the players currently on the national team are there because they earned it. There is no players nor have I seen players during my existence who did not deserve to be in the Mexican national team. One exception would be Rafael "Chiquis" Garcia who went to 2006 world cup because he was banging Ricardo Lavolpes daughter. That was quite frankly pathetic, he took him instead of Cuahutemoc Blanco or Jaime Lozano. Though Lavolpe hated Blanco and vice versa so I guess Lavolpe got the last laugh.

Anyways. Our National team right now that is going to the World Cup has the speed and counter attacking that I haven't seen in a long time. We got Andres Guardado from Deportivo La Coruna who plays winger, or side midfielder. He has pretty decent pace, and dribbling as well as a hell of a shot. We got the speed of Giovanni dos Santos and Carlos Vela up front. Although they aren't no Walcotts in terms of speed, they offer quite a different pace then what we had in 06. Let me not forget, Alberto Medina, who is also pretty quick and likes to take on defenders and do feints and what not.

We got a young center forward who is just a fox in the box by the name of Javier Hernandez. Behind him we have the playmaking talent of Cuahutemoc Blanco and Adolfo Bautista. Both of these guys offer experience (especially Blanco) and have the ability to put pause in the game and dish out dangerous passes.

I see a problem in our center midfielders though, and defensive midefielders. We got Torrado but he has never cut it for me. Jonathan dos Santos is not cut out for it either just yet. Same goes for Adrian Aldrete and well Israel Castro I have never seen anything special in him.

As for our defense, I think we have a pretty solid defensive line. Marquez is always a solid bet in leading the defense. We got Efrain Juarez who I have no doubt in my mind will go play in europe sooner or later. This guy is young, has speed, condition, skill, and heart. He is better than Salcido or any side back on the list. Hector Moreno from AZ Alkmaar is also very good in the middle as a center back. I am not quite convinced by people like Jorge Torres Nilo, Maza Rodriguez, or Paul Aguilar though. Osorio is a good right back so I am glad he made the list, he deserves a spot.

As for our goalkeepers, I am quite dissapointed that Jose de Jesus Corona is not on the list. Hes always been the best for me, above Ochoa or anyone. Of the current 3 selected I think Michel needs to be the starter.
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