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Question winning eleven 2007 questions

Ok, first of all is there a thread for winning eleven 2007 on here?? Cause all I see is info for PES6.

The second question is, how do I become better at defending. When I play guys cant even move 3 feet before they take the ball from me, but when they have the ball they go sprinting down the sideline and it seems I never catch up until they stop and kick the cross, but when I try to do the same thing, their defenders run right in front of me and get the ball like its

My third question, how do you do a first touch?? Like the first touch they have in FIFA 07 (with the right stick). The only thing I am able to do is head the ball when its long passed to one of my guys. I was wondering if there is a way to knock it into space with the chest or body. Heading the ball after recieving the pass almost always knocks it to a defender. There has to be a more efective way of getting control of the ball after a long pass...

Thanks in advance fellas

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