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If I'm not wrong, on ps3 you can still import songs (I had PES 2016 for ps3), but on ps4 it isn't possible. A bit deceiving I guess. It would be good to add some new chants to add more variety.
definitely.... PES has the potential to edit the game as original as could be by yourself.... on PC it's possible to edit many details. I wish PES will improve edit mode on consoles in the future, so there are at least NEARLY as much possibilities than on PC.

Like for example in Austria, where i come from - every team has it's own music when scoring a goal at home, also when coming on the pitch before the game (don't know how this is called in english...). Than the traditional teams have more support than the others - also that would be good to edit.... Team X full house when playing at home, Team Y only 2000 people and so on... fan chants also and on consoles it would be good to import images for fan banners and transparents.... not only enter text.

But whom do i tell that, that's Konamis task... They don't have many original licenses as FIFA has, so they are dependent on a good Edit Mode and a good community which does the work for them, to bring original teams and players in the game. And on consoles i see many things which should be better.... the game itself if you ask me (that's only my opinion) would be far better than FIFA.

And the most important thing would be not to have a limit for image importing.... what does it help when i can have so many teams in the game, when i can't even have original kits for half of them. that's just strange
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