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Yikes indeed.

I can see where @fatehasfans is coming from, and I agree somewhat.... but certainly not to that extreme!
Yup I'm angry indeed!

I have been a fan of PES since its inception, that's a lot of years - so yea when I see the franchise go this far down the crap-hole it upsets me. If we have a quick look at recent past events it will highlight the dangers of what is happening. Take PES 2014 for example, it split the fan-base and if you look at the amount of patches, mods and add-ons for 2013 compared to 2014 you'll clearly see that a lot fewer people had time for 14. So this (PES 15) was supposed to be a chance to put all that right though instead (if you scratch under the surface - by going to places such as this website) if you see the truth (that 15 is also poor) then the community is divided even further meaning that not only does the brand take a massive hit but standards suffer too! And less demand means less support.

It would appear to me that Konami simply can't make the core changes needed to bring this game to where it should be at this stage - they have had 26 years to improve their football game and yet there are still problems inherent in their latest instalment that plagued their earliest releases, and worse still some of the more annoying elements found in earlier titles have become more prominent (such as poor scripting and increasing AI control over player actions - bottlenecking). I mean why, in 26 years, do we still have linear pathing on passes? Why is it so hard to give the player complete freedom in his/her passing range considering we have analogue technology? The same can be said with shooting.

Why does the actual gameplay mechanics change when the difficulty changes? For example on higher difficulty, Passes are more restrictive and inconsistent, players are slower and less responsive, you simply cannot win the ball back because the computer just overrides any attempt made to get close enough to try. It basically cheats - game functions do not stay the same. In 26 years! They still use the same limited program scripting for AI so that we endure this mess rather than player with even odds and fair conditions against an adaptive AI that plays within the same fixed parameters given to the player. Why is it so hard to create an intelligent AI that responds to an individual player's ability in a fair manner without having to bend the laws of physics? Why indeed!

We deserve more, a lot more but I think that these problems (less player control etc, etc) suits younger players, those who haven't seen and endured what went long before those who do not benefit from hindsight, and so have less expectations. Those who just mash buttons with their mates and scream in high pitches noises when the computer momentarily permits a pass to go through a defender so they may get off a perfect shot (even though they were holding down six buttons and pushing in the wrong direction). Even though the same thing happens to him moments later from his mate these kids don't see with scrutiny, they don't really see the problems, they just play for a while then get called for their dinner, and the whole experience was "fun".

Maybe this is Konami's target audience (simply more of them too!) and maybe this is why the game is going the way it is and if that's the case then I am extremely upset because between them (Fifa and PES) no one else dares to make football games so we're stuck.

A friend said to me a few years ago that he thinks PES was becoming more like FIFA and vice versa, I can kind of see what he meant. They (Konami and EA) both live out of each others pockets, just like any competitive business relationship you need to know what the opposition is doing as much of the time as possible and even modify your own brand to suit and I think both EA and Konami do exactly that, FIFA has become slower and more open whereas PES has become more linear and bottlenecked. It's not as easy to tell the difference these days.
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