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Hi Gunner11 & all,
First of all, nice to meet u all
I am a new addicted in PES2010 who are writing for u from Vietnam where is very far from yours. My English is also not good but I hope u can understand what I say. I have a problem with OF need your help. “unable to load edit file because this from different version” message. I had tried to download a lot of OF & did right direction but they still not work . Could you pls help to show me how can I use OF for my PES (I am a newbie). Here after are my PS3 & PES2010 informations:
PS3: Version 3.50
PES2010: Dics version BLUS30404L, game version 1.03 (have just update after insert dics), & get 06/2010 downloadable updates online by enter the game and go to system setting ->download.

Thanks in advance to show me the directions in details

Sorry & pls do not mind if I bothered u (hic..hic I bought PES2010 2 weeks ago but still not try them. It is very uncomfortableness to see Arsenal team under name North London )

Email: [email protected]
Welcome to the forums, mate
To solve your problem, you first need to check what region you're from. You can do this by checking the number on the side of the PES game box. The number is near a picture of a globe. I believe there are three (or four) regions. I'm region number 1. If the number on the side of your PES box does not show the number one, then my OF won't work for you.

After you've found the OF that works for you, go into the game, go to system settings, then to download, and download the latest Konami DLC. After you do this, then you can add the OF that works for your region with no problem.

Hope this helps
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