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I really appreciate the effort you've made for this. In particular, you've done a great job making the converter to the .ted files. Only thing I noticed was that it doesn't like characters with accents in them but takes half a second to just edit that and run it again.

I've seen a few people raise the rating issues. To keep the ratings consistent, I just went into excel and did a quick calculations to what I think a rough approximate average rating should be but I could have just changed more leagues to the FM stats. It's not that difficult if you are happy doing a bit of tinkering in Excel.

I feel really cheeky asking this but would you have a chance at some point to put the Scottish League One files up?

Thanks for the compliments.

I made the tool according to my taste to not always sign the same players in the Master League and because the teams never put the youths, and then I shared it.
If at the end we can export from the FMRTE, maybe can make a version according to the current stats for the missing teams.

I would like to export the League One, but I have deleted the FM18.
Maybe someone who has it can do you the favor.
Sorry for my Google Translation English
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