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Euro 2008 Prediction League

Euro 2008 Prediction League

Welcome to the PESGaming Euro 2008 Prediction League.

This competition is open to all PESGaming members. Simply post your predictions for each round of the competition in this thread.

Those of you who have participated in the Champions League Prediction League will know how this works as the same basic scoring system will be used.

Remember, the key is to make sure you submit predictions every round!

Here’s a full rundown of the rules:

Correct result = 1pt
Correct result and goal difference = 2pts
Exact scoreline = 3pts (Correct result + Correct result and goal difference/1+2=3)
Incorrect result = -1pt
In addition to this, you may place a 'Banker' (optional) on one of the listed fixtures each round. This banker will double your score for that particular match, so place your banker on the result that you are most sure of. e.g. if you score 2 pts from a game, your score will be doubled to 4 pts. But if you incorrectly predict a match that you have placed your banker on, your score of -1 will be doubled to -2 points! So it works both ways, can work out positively or negatively.

To place your banker, simply type BANKER or B - just some kind of clear indicator next to the relevant fixture.

Example: Actual Result: Germany 2-0 Austria

A prediction of…

Germany 1-0 Austria would score 1 point. (correct result)
Germany 3-1 Austria score 2 points. (correct goal difference)
Germany 2-0 Austria score 3 points. (exact scoreline)
Germany 0-1 Austria would score -1 points (incorrect result)

^ Remember, these scores will be doubled if you have placed your banker on it. ^

Knock-out Stage Predictions
When it comes to the knock-out stages of the competition, there is the possibility of a game going into extra time and penalties. You should predict what you think the score will be after 90 minutes. Do not predict what you think the outcome will be after Extra Time or Penalties. Whatever score you have entered, I will take it as your after 90 minutes prediction. If you enter in 3-2 after ET to Germany for example, I will take it as a prediction of 3-2 after 90 minutes, and you will score points accordingly.

Making changes to your predictions
If you wish to change one of your predictions after posting it, please me a PM (Private Message) to inform me of your alteration otherwise your new prediction will not be taken into account. This must be BEFORE the deadline of course.

I make a record of your predictions soon after you post them, which is why you need to notify me of any changes. Do not simply edit your original post without informing me of any changes, as you will score according to the predictions that I had originally recorded and for all I know you could be attempting to cheat, which needless to say is not permitted.

New features - In the group stages you will get the opportunity to win up to 20 points by predicting the positions of teams in their respective groups. 1 point will be given for each correct prediction, and if you manage to predict all of the positions correctly - across all 4 groups - summing up to a total of 16 points, a bonus 4 points will be added, making a sum total of 20 points.

1st France
2nd Italy
3rd Netherlands
4th Romania

Final Standings:
1st Italy Incorrect, 0 Points
2nd France Incorrect, 0 points
3rd Netherlands Correct, 1 point
4th Romania Correct, 1 point

This would give you a total of 2 points from this group.

Obviously, your group predictions can't be changed after the deadline for the round 1 predictions has passed.

Another new feature, just for the group stage, is a 5 point bonus for getting the correct result for all matches in a round.

Saturday 7 June 2008
Group A Switzerland 1-0 Czech Republic
Group A Portugal 1-0 Turkey
Sunday 8 June 2008
Group B Austria 1-0 Croatia
Group B Germany 1-0 Poland
Monday 9 June 2008
Group C Romania 1-0 France
Group C Netherlands 1-0 Italy
Tuesday 10 June 2008
Group D Spain 1-0 Russia
Group D Greece 1-0 Sweden

If all the games ended up as home wins, you would get a 5 point bonus.

Here are the fixtures for the first round of games:

The competition gets underway on Saturday 7th June at 17:00. Remember, if you do post your predictions and later wish to change them please notify me of any changes you make otherwise you will score points on what I had originally recorded.

Simply copy and paste the fixtures below into your post and edit in your predictions.


Group Stage: Round 1

Saturday 7 June 2008
Group A Switzerland v Czech Republic
Group A Portugal v Turkey

Sunday 8 June 2008
Group B Austria v Croatia
Group B Germany v Poland

Monday 9 June 2008
Group C Romania v France
Group C Netherlands v Italy

Tuesday 10 June 2008
Group D Spain v Russia
Group D Greece v Sweden

Group Predictions:
Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:

Good luck to everyone that takes part!

Previous Winners:
Euro 2004: ChelseaDave
WC 2006: papaboubadiop

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