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Intel have announced, amongst other things, that their versions of Solid State Drives (SSDs) will start shipping in 30 days.

For anyone interested, there's plenty of information about SSDs on the internet. In short, they use flash memory and have no moving parts, unlike conventional hard drives.

Intel's SSDs will have a random access time of 0.1ms compared to the standard 8-9ms of a conventional hard drive. Certain Western Digital drives (Raptor and VelociRaptor) run at 10,000RPM rather than 7,200RPM and have an access time of 4-5ms but are far more expensive than their "slower" counterparts.

There are a series of advantages and disadvantages for using SSDs but they are the way forward and though currently rather expensive (Intel won't be drawn on pricing but their drives are meant to be better value-for-money) are excellent for storing the OS as boot-up times are severely reduced.
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