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Updated thoughts

Enjoyed the film, i'd give it a 6-6.5/10 rating. Dog fights were well done, very much enjoyed the First Order and Ren, Han was easily the best thing about the film, but Luke looked great at the end and I hope he appears in it more in Episode VIII

Finn was much better than I imagined, but unfortunately he was given some extremely shit lines at times "Do you have a boyfriend? A Cute Boyfriend" and the excitable shit like "Woo" and "Did you see that!?" those sort of lines really don't sit well with me. Combined with Oscar Isaacs opening double salvo with ren where it was piss takey "I cant understand you" etc, I was rolling my eyes several times at the shitness of the script.

Weakest aspect of the film was Daisy Ridleys performance. It's almost as if the casting guys said "we want someone like Keira Knightley, but not actually Keira knightley" frankly her acting was awful. The accent was extremely grating as well. Character has potential, and hopefully she develops as an actress as the films go on. The fight scene at the end was really poorly done imo, I have nothing against Rey holding her own against Ren, but the way she kicked his ass quite badly really did a lot of damage to the character of Ren, i'd have preferred a fight that was more equal and then the chasm opens between the two of them meaning they can't carry on.

CGI on Snoke was awful, it was Unexpected Journey Azog bad. Hopefully it improves, or by the next film we find out that that image is very much a man behind the curtain style porjection.

Film really did feel like a greatest hits of Star Wars at times though, which isn't a good thing, Tatooine like planet, Cantina Mk 2, Death Star Trench Run style sequence, planet destroying machine gets destroyed at end of film, character leaves to get trained by a jedi master....didn't really have an identity of its own imo, and did nothing better than what has come before.

That all being said though, I do want to watch it again. It was great to leave a Star Wars film feeling relatively satisfied and I look forward to the next episodes (spin offs i'm unsure about atm)

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