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Many of the last points you make all in line with what i felt- the film was rushed the entire time. For some reason they slowed it down for the Han and Chewie freighter scene complete with asian street gang. Another portion of the film where rey somehow knew how to interact with every control board on the ship. But after that scene, it was all rushed again.

I had not thought of the idea of Luke and Han in a scene where Han could share his feeling for Luke losing his son (or not blaming him - either way). Its almost as if Hamill and Ford never overlapped in time on set - which may have happened given the broken ankle.

Rey was so overpowered that i haven't even taken time to complain about it. But i have complaine about the underpower of Ren. First we see him stop a blaster bolt in mid shot, and hold it while he chats - that was too much power, but then after that he is a snibbling adolescent - much like a young anakin. I am not sold on Ren for another film or two. I am not sold on anything other than Luke. I don't care to see Snoke, certainly don't want to see a cgi body have a light saber battle if that is the route they will take. But i would expect more mental sparring with Snoke and Skywalker, perhaps throwing object at each other like the Senate based Yoda and Sidious scuffle. Maybe Ren kills snoke, who knows.

I am not certain Hamill can pull off being the center of attention next film for 70 or 80 minutes. He seems too whacked anytime i see him. I thought that could have bee a reason for the lack of Han-Luke interaction. There was some rumor that Hamill was very difficult during this film - not sure if that meant some complaint about not really being in it or that lack of exposure was a result of him being difficult.

Regarding Ren and Hux. Clearly they tried to shift the balance from Vader-Tarkin arrangement. In the first scene with them and snoke, it was clear Hux was battling for attention, and perhaps trying to be the first to break news to snoke. When they glance at each other i felt it was Ren saying, you dirty bastard. It reminded me of the classic Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis story, where Lewis would steal jokes on stage that Martin would create beforehand.

I think you summed it well with there being lost opportunities throughout. They could have implemented many that you provided and likely have had a more memorable film instead a regurgitation of star wars past.

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