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Patch help please..

Hi guys..

Iíve been searching for a while now for a Winning Eleven 2002 rom for PSX to play on an emulator.. but remembered I had a patched version many moons ago when it was released so the menu text & player names were in English..

Now Iíve FINALLY managed to get a rom for WE2002.. & a patch for English menu text & names (virus free) but struggling to patch it..??

I am a novice at this kind of thing & any help or advice would be greatly appreciated..

What I do know is that the patch is in an IPS format..

Im using Lunar IPS to patch it.. it patches but crashes when I try & load it..

Im using an emulator called PSX by the way..

Seems like im hitting a brick wall.. im probably doing something slightly wrong so any help would be appreciated..

Here is a link to both the iso & patch if anyone can have a look..

Thanks in advance..

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