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WOW.. thats an amazing collection..

It was my birthday yesterday so got to play mine for the first time..

My son had requested to join the facebook group as i dont have facebook.. but we are still awaiting the accecpt..

Im wondering if its still active..??

Or is there any other way i can get hold of the game..

What i really need is WE 2002.. with english menus & english names.. but the original players.. not with upto date teams.. i like the old teams & players..

I posted on here & only you replied.. To which im grateful..

I know you have all the ps1 versions of WE..

Do you have a version withenglish text & international teams with english text.. but the players at that time..??

Appreciate your help man..
Happy B-Day.

The group is active.....took a few days before I got access.

No, my WE versions do not have original lineups since I am using custom patched versions of them for various line-ups and competitions.
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