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Exclusive mode performance problems

Hello everyone,

I originally bought PES2009 but basically took it back to the shop as there was HUGE problems with graphics timing, i.e. stuttering game play etc..., as well as rather large performance issues when using full screen "Exclusive Mode" video options.

Although the timing problems have stopped in PES2010 the exclusive mode performance is still as bad as ever! This can not be my computer owing to the fact that firstly it runs the game perfectly at the same resolution in a windows box and secondly my computer would be placed in the "hot shit off a shovel" category in terms of graphics performance (I7 940, ATI 4970X2 and 6 gig RAM as well as performance storage devices).

Does anybody have any suggestions what could be causing this performance drop?

Initially I thought it might be the ATI graphics drivers but now i'm not so sure as these have matured beyond belief in the last year. Also PES still has exactly the same problems more than 12 iterations of drivers down the line

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