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Hi ally this is my first post here, I wish it was not a rant!

I was playing the ML offline mode, having a blast, I play top player level, and I was first place in theItalia second division, I was having some tough games and some easy ones, but overall, I was dominating the league, scoring a lot of goals, and receiving a lot too.

So, as mid season approached, my team suddenly started sucking, every shot hits the post or goes just wide, spaces in the opposing field were gone, defenders seemed to always be in a good position to cut through balls lanes, win every lob etc.

The CPU became God, and they will always score on me on a shot bounced off my post or my goalkeeper, I just know when I'm gonna have one of those games, I'm on a 10 game streak where I've lost 7 and tied 3, I made some nice additions to my team to make it better, and that doesn't work, I restarted, I've tried it all, tactic change, you name it.

There will be games where I have 12 shots in goal, and the CPU has on, and I lose 0-1.

Why God, why? I understand you have to script, I am fine wi making the game tough, but why like this?
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