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First of all: Really much thanks for the great videos! We spent so much time working on that project so i really enjoy seeing our effort in action, makes much fun to watch that.

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Look at the energy bar of Micronesia , they cant handle a full match. That is very, very realstic.
i anyway made big difference in energy between professional players and amateur players. An amateur player, imho can not go 90 minutes full speed on that level with professional footballers which have training every day.

And many of those small national teams we have here don't have professional football, they are bus drivers, teachers and photographers and play a little football once a week, therefore i set those values really low and Micronesia even more low, because they aren't even familiar with 11aside football and 2x45min halftimes

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Now I played a full Coupe de l'Outre Mer controlling Tahiti.

Funny thing is that I haven't got a penalty since PES 2016 and today I got 2 So I know it's not impossible to get a penalty in PES 2017.

I'll upload videos later to anyone who is interested to see

Yes that's true, those teams are very realistic, really good work
However, it would be even better if we could lower the stats to less than 40.
For some teams i had really needed lower values. I made the difference between Micronesia, and for example Vanuatu as big as i could, but it is still far away from those worlds that are between these teams, which is in real life.

I got only 1 penalty on PES 2017 by now (but must admit i played only less matches, i just edit stuff most of the time). But i got many penaltys against me.

That is because of my skills, i sometimes make error when defending, tackling in the box and also when running out with the goalkeeper, in these situations i often have penalty against me but i think self-inflicted.

But that's since i remember playing football games, every PES, every FIFA - in every game i have much more penaltys against me, than i get penaltys myself.

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Btw @Speckkopf , is Saint Barthélemy on your plans for the future non-FIFA national teams?
everything which has an active national team could be interesting for future, i did not think yet about that team but definitely something to add in future, i got a list now of the next pack of teams i will add, i think in november, and if those are finished and all other updates and stuff made (i will make squad updates regularly) then definitely i will again add more and more teams as long as there is space for it in the game
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