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Very nice! Congrats mate!

...and its realistic as well with Naymar looking like a future legend in real life...Konami have got it right for a change!!
Thanks, man.

Yeah, Neymar is definitely on his way to legendary status. Playing along with Messi, Iniesta, Suarez, and co. doesn't hurt either, does it?

Thats sound logic, my Coman is a Lv.2 Superstar so hopefully he's on the same long as he keeps putting in consistently good performances.
Yeah, it seems logical to me. There can only really be one more place to go after superstar (lvl.3) and that's legend. I imagine that a grand master might become a bandiera over time too, rather than a superstar becoming a bandiera.

I think it takes a lot of consistent performances over the years, and I'm not sure if it's limited to a certain age (Neymar was 33), but it would seem that if you keep playing Coman (and get him to lvl.3) that you'll have a good chance if he keeps performing at the highest level for three/four years.

Which means getting really deep into a Master League.


P.S. I hope that Naymar Legend screenshot is your desktop wallpaper now!!?
It is now.
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