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Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio:

A decent start to the PPV, and it seems to have become somewhat of a tradition nowadays for the World Heavyweight Championship to be the show-opener. I’m a fan of both the Big Show and Del Rio, so their feud has been quite fun to watch so far I think. I have to tip my hat to the WWE and the performers though, because the transition Del Rio has been able to make as a good guy has been quite excellent, and he’s managed to flip all of those previous little annoyances into favourable characteristics. The match itself was quite good – nothing special – but it worked just about. It’s a shame the spot with the bucket towards the finish didn’t quite come off as originally hoped, otherwise it would have been a solid opening.

The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro:

I enjoyed how Cesaro played off of The Miz’s weak shoulder, which lead to some interesting maneuvers, including the body slam with the injured arm tucked behind the back. I very briefly visited WrestlingForum’s site the other day, and saw that Miz was receiving a hell of a lot of criticism, with the overwhelming majority claiming that he should never have become a face, and is a more natural heel etc etc etc. Such idiocy almost drives me up the wall when it comes to this so-called “IWC”, because it’s always one extreme or the other, never a middle ground. Anyway, back to the match itself, Cesaro never fails to impress. His physique is incredible, and his strength perhaps even more so which is saying a lot, and as such, he’s probably the most memorable United States Champion in a long time, and it genuinely feels wonderful to have a talent worthy of carrying the title. I like how The Miz has incorporated the Figure Four Leg Lock into his arsenal of finishing moves as well – does it suit his wrestling style? Probably not, but the Skull Crushing Finale is hardly a devastating finisher, so I’m all for giving him a more convincing match winner.

WHC Elimination Chamber:

Mark Henry murdered the match, from sending Orton through the glass pod before then giving everyone the World’s Strongest Slam after being eliminated thanks to several consecutive finishing moves. I just feel as though another Hall of Pain run could be equally as enjoyable and entertaining as the first time, so it was a shame to see Mark Henry defeated. Jericho and Swagger double suplexing Mark Henry on the outside onto the chamber grill floor on the other hand, was just jaw-dropping stuff - talk about pain!

Main Eventers vs. The Shield

The Shield eh? God damn, the very definition of organised chaos. The Shield looked nothing short of extraordinary in the match, and they mesh together so incredibly well. From Seth's flying knees, to Reign's big spears, all the way to Dean Ambrose's psychotic behaviour and mannerisms that truly make him fascinating to watch.

Overall, I would say the Elimination Chamber PPV delivered, and then some. It made for great viewing, and I've already rewatched the match featuring The Shield!
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