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Frown Dribbling problem help?

Hey all. Im a long time fifa player and I just got into Pes. Pes 2016 is the first pes game ive ever played and im really loving it. Its so realistic and the fact it has the champions league makes the game even more fun.

But I have a problem with dribbling and skill moves. Im a really good skiller on fifa but on this game it seems so hard to beat a defender. Every time I try to skill past him or what ever they dont react to the skill and steal the ball off me like I did nothing. All I try to do is speed burst past them and that barly works. Can someone let me know a skill I can use while running quick counter attacking to beat the last defender? Help? Thanks.

P.s: I dont hold the sprint button all the time im not that much of a noob lol

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