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it has been the PES concept through generations that
Ai detects the FACING direction of the player you in control,

timing your move would be important, and move or skill move should preform with def distance in 1-2 body distance away. (Too close would be end up to an interception, unless body balance&stemima like CR7)

Exp, attack from ➡️, if player facing direction straight with def➡️⬅️, p1 move/skill move would result in face in ↗️,is very high chance you would pass the def, but if the def in position slightly left to P1, it would end up in an interception, therefore, P1 can face↘️(While not too close to def), def would move off from the left shoulder to be in straight line up ➡️⬅️, then perform the move to ↗️ For passing.
Hope I am not confusing to you,
Ps. constant pressing R2 while dribbling would some great effect on shielding the ball on your player...
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