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Group Stage: Round 2

Wednesday 11 June 2008
Group A Czech Republic 1-2 Portugal
Group A Switzerland 1-1 Turkey

Thursday 12 June 2008
Group B Croatia 0-2 Germany
Group B Austria 1-0 Poland

Friday 13 June 2008
Group C Italy 0-1 Romania
Group C Netherlands 2-0 France

Saturday 14 June 2008
Group D Sweden 1-3 Spain
Group D Greece 0-2 Russia
Jeff: Wait a minute! Butt sex!
Chef: Butt sex?
Jeff: Butt sex requires a lot of lubrication, right? Lubrication. Lubruh... Chupuh... Chupacabra 's the, the goat killer of Mexican folklore. Folklore is stories from the past that are often fictionalized. Fictionalized to heighten drama. Drama students! Students at colleges usually have bicycles! Bi, bian, binary. It's binary code!
Chef: Who's havin' butt sex?
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