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Saturday 7 June 2008
Group A Switzerland 1-2 Czech Republic
Group A Portugal 2-1 Turkey

Sunday 8 June 2008
Group B Austria 1-3 Croatia
Group B Germany 2-0 Poland (Banker)

Monday 9 June 2008
Group C Romania 0-1 France
Group C Netherlands 0-0 Italy

Tuesday 10 June 2008
Group D Spain 1-1 Russia
Group D Greece 1-0 Sweden

Group Predictions:
Group A:
1st Portugal
2nd Czech Rep
3rd Turkey
4th Swiss

Group B:
1st Germany
2nd Croatia
3rd Poland
4th Austria

Group C:
1st France
2nd Italy
3rd Holland
4th Romania

Group D:
1st Russia
2nd Greece
3rd Spain
4th Sweden

I think too many are underestimating the Greeks
They're fucking shit as they showed today. Passing between the back four constantly even caused their own fans to start whistling.
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