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PESgaming TFF Season 2011/12

Good evening my esteemed colleagues,

I'm canvassing (very) early for interest in a 2011/12 season Telegraph points based PESgaming fantasy football competition.

I'm undecided on the best way to organise it due to people's personal finances, so heres the options

1. I setup a league in August on the Telegraph website, I give you the League Pin and you register and enter your team into that league. Updates available as you want them. I would provide a monthly league table update in the thread.

2. I use the system I have at work. I use the Telegraph pricing and points but run my own spreadsheet. Basically, you pick your team, send it to me and I run it all through excel (including transfers) and post updates weekly on the thread.

Whatever option gets the majority nod I will lay on a prize for the winner and runner up.

This would/will be completely at my own expense and free time so if you're going to give me some stick - make it imaginative

Entry would be completely free for option 2 as no Telegraph reg would be required.


Winner: A Blu-Ray (or DVD) of the Winners choice (but not exceeding £25 in price) and a bag of Peanut/Chocolate MM's.

Runner Up: CD or Book of Runners Up choice (but not exceeding £10 in price).


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