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Part of the punishment is to restrict your ability to post. This gives you one option. Wait until you can make new threads. Nowhere does it automatically use the fact you got booked as an excuse to post off topic.
My intention wasn't to get try and go around any punishment. Merely ask some questions. I never thought it was going to cause such commotion to simply ask it in this thread but I forgot how sensitive some peeps are.

Or he knows you'll rise to the bait and get booked yourself.

To try and set a new trend...
Now why would I do that? I don't go out of my way to get another member booked or banned besides one necessary exemption who was calling for the ban hammer. Other than that it's not my style.

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How many pages back did you have to trawl to dig that one out?

My idea needed a new thread which wasn't possible and there was no way I was going to remember about that thread which is so far back in the archives I'm surprised cyberspace hasn't swallowed it up by now.
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