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Question How to cancel the call for ball in BAL?

Hello guys. I've been playing PES 2018 in BAL mode and got really annoyed by this kind of scenario: let's say my player is outside the box, and the teammate having the ball is also outside the box, but in a worse position than my player. My player calls for the ball, but the teammate having it decides to rather pass it in the box, to another teammate who can easily score from that position. But God forbid he did that, because he will do everything in the world (like, literally everything, from ground passes to headers and even scorpion kicks) to pass me the ball, because I have asked for it earlier.

So my question here is the following: how do I cancel the call for the ball? I play on PC (default controls), but I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to do it on consoles as well. I tried R1+R2 (which would be the keys E+C), which would cancel a shoot, for example, but it didn't seem to work on canceling the call for the ball.

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