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I have a Master League challenge for you all...

Hey guys, thanks for having me on your forum! I come with a Master League challenge for my fellow PES lovers should you choose to accept!

-Full Manual control settings

-Top Player (tried Superstar it's just ridiculous with the other things in mind)

-Only use Classic default players, no transfers allowed, however you can get the made up players from the youth team (not the regens though)

-Start in bottom league, e.g Championship (England 2nd league)

-Prepare to be frustrated

In honour of the legend that is Castolo, I've made him my manager and I'm streaming my progress occasionally at:

I'll post pictures and videos occasionally too at:

Hope to see some of you there to follow my journey! I also hope to follow your challenge too should you choose to take it

A bit about me - I've been playing ISS/PES since ISS on the N64 every year, it's a real passion of mine and the default players in Master Leagues have been close to my heart. In the last 5 years or so I've felt like I needed more of a challenge and have been enjoying the freedom that comes with playing with my control settings all on manual. In the last few years (not this one as I don't play online this year) I've been one of the highest ranked Full Manual players in the world - so hopefully it will be entertaining to watch me play! Although I'm still not great at skill moves I must admit...

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