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I had an experience with it twice tonight. Two players, both with high ratings and superstar teams. I have quite a strong team but had nowhere near the level that these two guys had. I was winning 2-0 and 3-1 respectively and then that stutter starts to happen at around the 60th-70th minute mark and the game cuts off. The result is deemed void.

I sent the guys a coupla messages, threatening that I was gonna report them to Konami and their Pro accounts would soon been banned, knowing full well that there is no reporting mechanism and they won't be banned. I guess I was just trying to scare them, hoping that they were more ignorant than me and they would see the error of their ways.

Anyway, I guess I'm hoping that this issue is fixed for PES 14. I haven't the slightest idea about coding or software programming but I hope there is some sort of system to prevent lag cheating in the new Pro. Perhaps an hour penalty from playing if you disconnect once, a two hour penalty if it happens again when you log on. That would prevent the cheaters from playing at all, and if they wanted to play for any considerable time they would have to play by the rules like the rest of us. I dunno. Just an idea. I just hope Konami do something to alleviate the problem.

I just had to get that off my chest. /vent
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