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Had to get the fucking album. I'm so so so so so addicted to this... I'm high on music

Dead Inside - 5.5/10 - Useless radio stuff. I get the points of its existence.
Drill Sergeant - 0/10 - Complete, utter distilled rubbish.
Psycho - 6/10 - Could have been great if not the "I'm gonna make you" parts. Not to my liking, but has some nice touches.
Mercy - 5.5/10 - Meh
Reapers - 9/10 - Obessing over it. That outro holds it back, but the solo around 3:30 mark... Oh my, that solo. The most similar song to Citizen to me, as it could be perfect if it wasn't the outro.
The Handler - 8.5/10 - The riff is one of the best, even better than PIB (I'm gonna compare them, this is a close battle). Really good stuff.
JFK - 1/10 - Complete, utter non-distilled rubbish. Deserves a 1 just because it has a prupose.
Defector - 1000/10 - Directly to my top 3. As it started I knew "Oh boy, this is it. This is fucking it!". Clearly Queeny, like Survival. Funny how I prefer Muse to Queen, but the songs I like the most have Queen all over them. Handler's riff is still better.
Revolt - 5.5/10 - Dead Inside part 2.
Aftermath - 5/10 - Slow, extended Mercy
The Globalist - 10/10 - The beginning promised (Hi there, Man with the Harmonica but only whistling), the rest delivered. A classic in the making, this will age quite well. Better than Citizen as it is never too slow, my main (and only) complaint with it. Good guitar and drums just before 6 min, then Matt takes it by its neck and creates a masterpiece (too short for its perfection). The third part reminded me of USE, the piano and Matt's voice... It has a great flow to it. My only complaint (which is a compliment) is that each part is so different from the others, and so good on it's own, I almost forget the previous ones.
Drones - 6/10 - Good exercise, unexpected and cool. Not a regular listen though.

About Supremacy: why do I see it as the perfect Bond song? Does it have any relation with the series?
It came out shortly after Adele recorded the official Bond song for Skyfall, but yeah, has a Bond-vibe.

Oh, and how dare you mark JFK 1/10! The way it quietly builds into Defector is beautiful. Reapers through to Defector is probably the best row of songs Muse have ever put out on an album, IMO.
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