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this ones from Canibus

the can-i-bis brings the sickest drama
fierce enough to pierce the thickest armour
i smack bitches for tryin to suck dick through a condom!
playin wit the mic is sumthin a wont do...
ma only concern when i approach you,
is to roast you!
i'll smoke you an whoever you standin close to!
an make every man in your crew deny that he knows you!
defeatin, n*ggaz like shigual stevens (??)
puttin emcees in posititons to prevent them from breathin!
i'll make you question any and everything youve ever believed in...
buy peepin ya greatest secrets like psyche readers!
whats the matter with ya'll?
a'l splater ya'll against the mother fuckin wall
with these raw lyrics i catapault
none a ya'll got the balls big enough to battle
i go on an on like eric kabadu (??)
a hundred time nicer than the best is...
twice as arrogant as KRS is...
who wanna test this?
fuck ya'll, you dont impress me n no1 can test me...
an emcee so ill i got aids scared to catch me!
all that shit u poppin gon' stop when i put you in a headlock
n apply pressure til a crush ya mutha fukin noggin!
a grab mics n push n*ggaz to the left so fast
they hearts end up on the right side a theyre chest!
my hypothesis is that nobody can see this... lyrical genius
i got it sewed like a seamstress!
but if u wanna battle am down
if u got nine lives al take eight of em off ya hands right now!
step up n get ya neck cut from ear to ear,
if u survive you can cover your scar with a beard!
am the illest from queens to the new jerusalem bridix!
ne1 who aint fellin ma shit can suck ma didgits
you need to quit it
if u aint spittin
quota at 40 bars per minute cuz u aint at lyrical fitness
kicken borin raps wit metaphors thats wack
all u mutha fuckers need more in tracks
to get ya weight up
fuckin wit canibus u get ate up
beat down an sprayed up just for bringin ma name up!
been rockin longer than n*ggaz twice ma age
back in the days before bob marley was rockin the stage
before honest abe signed the paper that freed slaves
before neandrathols was drawing on walls in caves
i existed
in the garden of eden gettin lifted
stickin dick to Eve, before she was Adam's mistress!!!!!!!!!
before christ created christmas
the canibus'll spit until he spitless!!!

theres more but its late n takin me ages to copy it str8 from the tune 50 bars

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