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The AI could be better, the player switching is indeed botched and CPU-controlled players on your team run too damned much to the ball when passing (a huge problem when playing 2 on 2) to other players, completely mucking up the formation.

Aside from that PES5 is a fantastic game; fouls are not "AI cheats"--many teams foul often and delay play to keep their formation intact and avoid fast breaks. Bolton Wanderers, anyone?

If you watch your formation, play according to your tactic and stay patient while learning the game, comparing PES5 to a "Fruit Machine" is nothing short of ridiculous. It could use the seventh difficulty star, though, or moving the stars down, so that the one star would correspond to current two-star difficulty etc. Being able to decide how you set up corners would also be a huge improvement as would "hot-potatofying" (erm...) the by-lines, so that wingers wouldn't keep stumbling quite stupidly over it for no apparent reason.
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