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@ggdaris Was the conversion of your incredible pes17 files to pes18 successful? Can you point me towards a download for the tool you were attempting to use if not?

I used many of your files for my Caribbean national team players for my fictional Caribbean League last year and re-creating them is proving very difficult this season. Most of the squads are full but I don't have accurate bench/depth players needed to fill out the rosters like I did last year.

Even if you are unable to help at this time, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the time you put into this file. It's truly awesome.
hi yes, i can made convertion funtional but only one send me a response via mp, pes18 to pes17 works perfect (ej i convert 4 new teams of serie b of brasil to pes17 format, and the same can do pes 17 to pes18 , but i dont have pes18 (i am going to buy pes19 , this year i am playing my club with pes18 litle)
if you want you can try my convertion of zimbabue pes 17 to pes18, is ready for pes18 .

but no one help me with test, to make the convertion is complicated to explain, i need to do a video tutorial for that

hi someone please can test this in your pes18 (better if you do in other account with no option file) PS4

test 1

test 2

this a convertion from pes17 to pes 18 of zimbawe
(i can do easy from pes18 to pes17, now i try to pes 17 to 18)
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