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hi yes, i can made convertion funtional but only one send me a response via mp, pes18 to pes17 works perfect (ej i convert 4 new teams of serie b of brasil to pes17 format, and the same can do pes 17 to pes18 , but i dont have pes18 (i am going to buy pes19 , this year i am playing my club with pes18 litle)
if you want you can try my convertion of zimbabue pes 17 to pes18, is ready for pes18 .

but no one help me with test, to make the convertion is complicated to explain, i need to do a video tutorial for that

hi someone please can test this in your pes18 (better if you do in other account with no option file) PS4

test 1

test 2

this a convertion from pes17 to pes 18 of zimbawe
(i can do easy from pes18 to pes17, now i try to pes 17 to 18)
I think Test 2 of Zimbabwe imported without any issues, but I don't really have any frame of reference without booting up pes 17. It looks like all the team info and colors are correct. All the players are from Zimbabwe with Nakamba's stats seeming to match up with his ratings on SoFIFA. Here are a few pictures. Emblem isn't right but I don't have it on my system currently. Let me know if there's something specific you need me to look at.

Any of the national teams in your Americas list would help my project a lot if you want to do another test.

Squad Name List

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