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The 2018-2019 Nicoultras Option File (NUOF) V1 is now available


All teams updated with managers pictures, rivals, banners, kits (all 1024*1024), real stadium names.

Finally, on my OF, I didn't install the stadiums pictures (no sufficient place for all the pictures, managers, kits).

All european licencied leagues
Created european teams (Crvena Zvezda, Partizan, Red Bull Salzburg Viktoria Plzen)
All south america licencied leagues
Liga MX
Copa Libertadores
Brasileirao updated
Chinese League
Thai League
National teams
Classic teams
All competitions


Mediafire link :


If you ever have an OF (other of mine), first, delete all the images and savedata file .

Before to download my OF, do all the Konami DLC and Live Direct updates.

In the download, you will have 2 files with:
- list of teams to copy by checking only 3rd box
- list of teams to copy by checking 2nd and 3rd box

You have to copy the competitions with files .ced .


European licencied teams: PesWorld and rework by barca4ever /Nicoultras
Russian League : TheDude and rework by Nicoultras
Bundesliga : PESWorld and rework by barca4ever/Nicoultras
Partizan, Crvena Zvezda : barca4Ever
Viktoria Plzen : DuckNO.99
Brasileirao : Emerson Pereira and rework by Nicoultras
Copa Libertadores: JuanIgnacioSP and rework by Nicoultras
Argentina League: rework by Nicoultras
Colombia league: PES Colombia and rework by Nicoultras
Chilian League: rework by Nicoultras
Liga MX : Erzo77 and rework by Nicoultras
Japan J-League : Niko Albiore
AFC licencied teams: Nicoultras
Chinese League: Nicoultras
Thai League: Nicoultras
Asian created teams: SchitzoPhonic, Killacarrillo and rework by Nicoultras
National teams: PESuniverse and WWEFan reworked by barca4ever and Nicoultras
Classic teams: Emerson Pereira

Next update with the Others Asian missing teams

Good game to you and many thanks for all who likes my work since several years.
Thanks very much to barca4eva for his great help this year.
Thanks to Emerson Pereira , Erzo77 for their amazing work as each year.
Thanks to all others creators for their work.
Thanks to the world PES community.
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