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Originally Posted by Han (via email)
I just entered the default formation (playing Juventus) and tried a quick level 5 game.
Was not bad at all, winning 3-0 but I am still puzzling for the sweeper position. I used Montero, who scored a 6.0.
I will try other defenders also, like Thuram.
One more question; when switching from default to formation B, would you advice to make substitutions for the backs and the sweeper who move to midfield in the new formation? Or will that make not much difference? None of the players will play on a preferred position then....
I wouldn't make substitutions every time you change, I was assuming you'd be using this for your master league team, so that you could keep it in and not have to load it up every time you want to use it. Also this way you can buy in the right players for the job, I would use a specialist formation for each club team you use as the players will always be different. If you know what I mean. Maybe you could try setting some up and using the template to demonstrate?
If you are only changing line up for a bit at a time, it shouldn't cause too much bother having your defenders out of position.

If you want player recomendations for ML signings.
Sweeper/Centre backs - Beckenbauer (possibly the best player for said position on whole game), Rijkaard, R. Koeman. Or someone else who has CBT/CBW/DMF
Full backs - any with SB and SMF, there are loads. Roberto Carlos, and Cafu are two that instantly spring to mind.

Again, I would use these for your ML team o you can better fill the positions, then create specials for the club/national teams you would normally use, based around their players.
PES forever
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