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Good display from the team against England. A few deserving a mention;

Coleman played brilliantly. That cross for Long. My word. Man of the match says it all.

Long was great first half, and did well enough with what scraps he had in the second half, as England pushed on and pretty much controlled the game. He seems to never tire, which is fantastic to have.

I thought McCarthy played really, really, well. Probably had it at the back of his mind that he could impress even further, some potential suitors for him.

Forde did well. I don't know anything about the guy, I'll be honest on that. It was always going to be difficult following Given but at least people don't expect it from him.

Hendrick and Sammon probably shouldn't be considered for competitive games but nice to get a run out for now.

We seriously need another centre midfielder to come out of nowhere right now, Whelan... well... nothing really needs to be said.
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