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Smile You really have you become so important Mody

You really have you become so important Mody ? I do not believe that the television host is an independent expression of views, even the students themselves to accept Broadcasting Institute said: meat speakers. Bai Yansong on television Zhou Zhaomei the first debate for several years China's thing, in addition to "plead for the people" and "concerned about civil sufferings" of these social consensus, I do not remember what he still had his personal views. In this position, this has been made is the best, but really, we really let people themselves really, is a deliberately Qishi"sDo you actually aid, "I" do not say "you." "Do you actually use this attitude to me? "" you have committed the Lao Maobing. "This sentence is not very familiar with the? When we start with "you" sentence condemning each other, on the other side has cornered the corner of a self-defense. In other chaos that your judgement, is a natural reaction to defend itself, and then counterattack. When the defense system built up, the immediate cessation of the communication.Ms. Lee will be attributed to the breakdown of marriage "and not character", in the one week after the divorce, and her first husband, who held talks with her surprise: her husband
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