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Frown Confessions of a lag cheat...

Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Yes I realise I am opening myself up to a (deserved) barrage of insults but I wanted to come clean.

Over the last 2 days I have lag cheated. Around 5-6 times. Why have I done this? OUT OF SHEER FRUSTRATION.

Some background: I had NO IDEA what lag cheating was before this week. If I have ever been winning and suddenly:

'This match has been abandoned as the connection significantly worsened.'

I honestly assumed that I had just got really unlucky and Konami had screwed me, not the other person. I didn't realise that players could actually force this action. Then it started to get more frequent. And only when I was winning. So I looked into it here, and yes I see that 'Lag Cheating' is a common motherf*cker!

How is it done? Simple. Open up something on your laptop which uses the majority of your bandwidth allowance.

Now before I knew any of this, I loved MLO. I have worked my way up to a rating of around 680 and my team is worth over $300m - so pretty decent I think.

Now that I am aware of Lag Cheating, my game is totally ruined. I seriously fear going 2-0 up in a game because I think, I'm going to get cheated - and yes very often I am. What a joke.

So how do I react? F*ck it, I will do the same. If I don't get the cash and rating increase for what would have been a win, why should I only take losses?

Yes I realise I am adding to the problem, and innocent people are getting cheated, but how else do I combat it? It's bullsh*t and the only one to blame is Konami for allowing this disgusting loophole on the game.

It should be that anyone who instigates this takes the loss. There should be a panel to decide at all times. Or even a simple bit of coding that says after 70 minutes, if this happens, the winner is declared based on the current score.

I apologise to the users who I have lag cheated against. I gain zero satisfaction from it. I am a naturally competitve person and hate cheating. I now hate MLO as I realise the rankings are based on a complete farce.

*Awaits verbal destruction*

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