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Wow...that's quite an admission. Personally I'd sooner come out to my parents, tell all my beloved I had a terminal disease and go out with a notice strapped to myself about it all than come out with something like that.

Why do laggers play the game? To win or to play the game? What's the point in lagging until it disconnects- to improve your rating? Why? What will your rating do for you before the next version comes out again? Are you gonna get money for it, fame and fortune because you have a decent rating and team?
I have experienced this soooo many times, I check a players stats before the match and you can almost tell already, then if you take the lead you see it begin- we've all been there. I've been hammering players supposedly rated 800+ and just knowing what's coming. My own rating would be much higher if those were included, but why? I sometimes enjoy a good match that I lose more than a poor match that I win, it's about enjoying the actual game!!
Sometimes it frustrates me so much I'm near tears- sad I know but tehre ya go.

Just. Don't. Lag.
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