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Hey Betty,

Frustrated at your frustration!

Can I make a suggestion? Don't worry about all the sliders etc etc, I don't fiddle with any and I'm currently top 100 on Xbox one with a 70% win ratio.

Not trying to sound cocky in that sentence just wanting to highlight that the next thing I'm about to say changed how I play pro forever!

When me and my mate used to play pro1,2,3,4,5,6 he used to out play me, out score me, I was always playing catch up.

One day I played all day and I mean all day on training mode.

You can edit how many players play on free training.

I used to set it to my goalkeeper, and four defenders.

The away team had all 11 players.

I played all day practising patient defending. And patient passing and build up play.

I got used to the movement that Konami have installed into the game so I knew what run players would make.

I didnt quit until I started to outscore the CPU,my thumbs throbbed, my head hurt.

Now, my mate came over the over day, the same mate who used to trounce me, and I gave him a master class in possession, and taking my chances.

I hope this helps! Don't give up hope.

If your not winning, build your confidence differently, try to only concede 3 goals a game, have a real defensive formation.

My mentality in every game I enter online is to matter who I'm playing I think if I draw great!

I keep things simple and compete for the full 90 mins!

Change your goals, keep your chin up! Enjoy the game in a different way, just like man united fans are the last 2 years hehe!
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