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Canibus' "stupidity?" He's far from stupid, unless you're referring to his decision to go to the war as stupid. He drops some of the most intelligent and scholarly lyrics around.

"33 Threes" by Canibus is a cleverly told story, but it can get a bit repetitive. All those 3's. "100 Bars" is where Canibus shines lyrically, 5 minutes of non-stop spitting.

"Fly by with the speed of a Porsche
Murder a million emcees, then autograph all of their coffins"

Possibly the illest Canibus rhyme I've heard, though:

"Break the laws of physics
With metaphors and lyrics/
Reach out to dead poets
By conjuring up their spirits"

Well, I thought it was quality, anyway.

Still, compared with the like of Kweli, Canibus is a bottle short of a crate. Talib Kweli's got the ability to talk so deeply about things that if you don't listen and take in, you'll miss. He can also make a point in a bar, that would take another emcee about 8 bars to make.

Off of his latest album:

"If truth be told, and lyrics sold
Then I'd probably be/
Just as rich and famous
As Jay-Z"

Sums up the game nicely.
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Not even sound same!

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