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When all these rap artists started to make new enemies. this was a new trend which
now became common. And I think the rap artist thought now that if they have other rap enemies, they are gangsta. This influces any kind of person to listen to rap music with no meaning and the only reason they are listening to it is look and act gangsta. That is load of crap. There not even being there real selves. And this is the same with rappers.
Just get a load of poeple dancing with some randomn beats the same lyrics five times in a row and a fight happening and that is your rap video. Nelly is just pop and Chingy is a joke. And 50 pence is a cry baby. The songs he makes and all the rest of his crew always has a gunshot or glass smashing with loads of swearing which usually spoils the song.You should never get hime to do your remixs. Dont you think because of 50 cent people like him are portrayed differently
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