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Nath that Bret Domino thing is awesome, I remember seeing the beat it cover a few months ago, amazing piece of comedy.

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I'm not even going to ask what the fuck that monstrosity is. And its too easy to say the Pogues, you've got to have more than that.

That being said, I died laughing when I saw this:

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What a drunken, fat, toothless, disgusting old cunt.
The Pogues song just brings back so many memories and seems so true. I remember visiting family last Christmas Eve and then going to work. Having great craic while we work, finishing then having a little session before going out. Staggering home singing that and people joining in along the way.

Sounds pretty gay I imagine, but it was class. And it's something you wouldn't be surprised that they [The Pogues] were doing themselves. The fact that it's a Christmas song isn't the main thing, it's a great song irrespective of that but with it being a Christmas song does have that sort of nostalgia, whilst keeping the integrity.

It's one of them what seems to be around all the time and as such you can attach so many memories onto it.

Do not dare to slander the good name of Brett Domino either. Christmas number one written all over it.

The 12 pint of Bass song takes some beating, but that's a different can of beans though! Run DMC - Christmas in Hollis, anyone?
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"The Pope rang me. I said, 'Alreet, The Pope'."
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