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Idea to improve the playing style and attributes

I like PES more then FIFA not only because it has a realistic game play but for the unique player playing styles that's what makes each player unique in PES which isn't there in FIFA.

but even though it is very good but it isn't perfect as per how the players do in real life.

the playing styles are too much limited to some positions which sometimes makes so sense cause if a player is a playmaker type player then he will play like that in what ever position you play him so I found out a suggestion to fix that thing by introducing workrate stats of a player when he is playing out of his playing style position.

for example I have M.Gotze in my team who is creative playmaker but plays at AMF. when I play him at RWF or LWF he does his passing at stay at high of the field and don't chase back much but when I play in at AMF the playstyle don't activate and he drops into the defense and starts to clear crosses which most time goes wrong cause of course he is short and has not heading attributes at all.

so I propose some tweaks in the playing style positions, I would "x" the position i added as a suggesting for that playing style

Poacher: CF,

Dummy Runner: CF, SS, AMF

Advance Striker: CF, SS

Post Player: CF

Creative Playmaker: RWF, SS, LWF, "AMF"

Prolific Winger: RWF, LWF

Classic No. 10: CMF, AMF, SS

Hole Player: CMF, RMF, LMF, AMF

Box to Box: CMF, RMF, LMF, AMF, "DMF"

The Destroyer: CMF, DMF

Anchor Man: DMF, "CB"

Build up: RB, LB, DMF, CB

Off Fullback: RB, LB

Def Fullback: RB, LB

Extra Frontman: CB

Off Goalkeeper: GK

Def Goalkeeper: GK

but if you play a player out of the playing style zone the playing style don't activate then the player just do what a player should do in that position but that's not the casein real life like the example i gave about Mario gotze. some player are attacking minded and they never chase back to def dosn't matter where you play him also there are some players who likes to def more than attacking even when off position and there are some player who does play like a box to box where ever you play him so that's why there should be a workrate stat for players which will activate for the player without a playing style or when he is playing out side of his playing style position, for example you know that robben can also play at RMF and he almost never chase down back even if he playes at RMF but if ou play in game him as a RMF he will chase back cause the playing style didn't activated for him

the workrate should be shown as a meter 1-3, 1means low 2 means medium and 3 means high

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