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I am in and looking forward to it. I'm sure Delboy will be in also, possibly Gin.

I think we should start to decide on positions. I'm happy to go as striker but if original and barn are on then I'll drop to a holding CM. Delboy will take RM. Gin will go LM or any.
Gin will play where he's told to play! Delboy can play RM if he prefers but I thought he was far better in central midfield last season, then again maybe his player will be able to run this season! Fab, I don't particularly wish to play as an out and out striker, LF was generally my favoured position last season. It's hardly to tell without having played the game properly but I'd be surprised if 4-3-2-1 wasn't our best formation again. I'm just thinking that last season is our best prediction for these season until we can really see what differences there are in the game.
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