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I played five matches at the gamescom. Here is what I think of it:

- The graphics were nice, the player really look great

- the animations were better than in PES15, still worse than in PES14. You could see the foot slide over the ground to often.

- there seemed to be absolutely nothing new in terms of gameplay, same controlles as last year

- the players were giving the ball away much to easy and didn`t try to block the other player. A good way to steal the ball was to just bump into the othere player.

- good ai with still a few misstakes where the player wouldn`t pick uo the ball while being close to it.

To be honest I din`t think it was good, but thats only my first impression and I can`t wait for the demo and hope it will get better.
Hi there, thanks for your information

Its sad to know that nothing new in term of gameplay in upcoming PES 2016, as gameplay is core element for PES series, but same gameplay is not too bad, at least its not worse.

I dont care too much about graphics and animation, because its just side product and not that significant when you play and score goals.

My major concern is that if the passing is well connected and the ball is acurately delivered to my teammate, as you mentioned ball is given away easily, that probably means passing in PES 16 is not spot on, i dont know, in PES 2015 on SuperStar LV, passing around sometimes is dodgy and inconsistent and can be intercepted way too easy by top teams like R madrid or Baca, its so upsetting. I hope in PES 2016 passing can be better.

Since I ve played PES 2015 for more than 5 months, playing it gets boring already, actually I am a PS3 user and dont have many good games to play, so want to buy a new PS4 and PES 2016 to play more
decent games, but so far apart from bloodborne, there are not many great games for PS4 console, PES 2016 will be my main PS4 game to play for rest of the year, so even PES 2016 perhaps is not good, but still want to buy it and play sth new, otherwise its so boring in my spare time.

All the best to PES 2016, not asking for too much from the game, just getting better will be good enough for me.
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