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Right gents. I bought the new Spanish home shirt from SoccerTriads, it arrived rather promptly today. It's an XL, but a fairly big XL. So if you usually get Large, get the Medium. If you usually get Medium, expect a shirt that's too big.

I actually ordered it to have Torres on the back, but it's David Villa 7 instead... not that I am all that bothered to be honest. Seems decent enough quality, I can't tell the difference anyway - not that I am any sort of football shirt expert. The badge is a little bit roughly cut on the inside of the shirt, but you can't see that on the outside. Not entirely sure the Euro 2008 badge on the arm is authentic but looks OK from a distance.
Thanks for the heads up man, was contemplating getting a shirt off there but since I'm a Medium (maximum) it sounds like I'd need a Small which unfortunately they don't do. Think I'll just buy from that "bestway4u" site, the shirts I'm trying to decide between at the moment are:

Brazil Home Shirt with Anderson 19 on the back.
Holland Home Shirt with Huntelaar 19 on the back.
Portugal Home Shirt with Ronaldo 7 on the back.

Hmmm.... choices. :coffee:
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