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Originally Posted by orkyben
I have never seen the thing where the players get trapped in the net before??
Well I can't tell you how they happened - once they crossed the line they had a mind of their own. It's almost as if Davids becomes blindfolded on the first of the two - has to feel his way around to get to know his surroundings and reacts to the ball hitting the net as if to say "what the hell was that?!"

Originally Posted by Stevie Baby
Best one for me is when Ronaldinho (i think) has the ball kicked against his knee and he drops to the floor, great stuff.
That was Robinho, it actually only just touches his hand.

Originally Posted by kevthedrummer
check out adobe premier pro! what you doing it in? Pinnacle?
I used Sony Vegas to do the Brazil comp - will have to try out Premier Pro...

Once again, thanks for the comments guys

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