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i understand. So you can't recreate multilevel tournament ingame with Konami League but you can make each league for itself with 12 teams, if you make new tournament "Konami League" you set teams to 12, and make that 3 times. You choose which 12 teams in which league, and other settings like cards and so on like you want it to.

if you do it like that you don't have to write tables, schedule and so on for yourself because the game makes everything for you.

I guess you want to start 3rd league and go up to 1st league? So you play one season per tournament, then you start again and just change "relegations" for example you put 1st place from 3rd league into 2nd league, 12th place of 2nd league in 3rd league and so on, and start it again that way.

That would definitely be the easiest way. Because Round Robin tournament can be created with Konami League, but just not multilevel so you just create 3 of them imho
Thank you speckkopf can do that, didnt realise thanks stupid me
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