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First of all, Ramsey is no where near the level of Fabregas. No where near it. He had one brilliant season and now just looks like a good player who occasionally pops up with goals, rather than a guy like Lampard who always popped up with goals. Don't even dare mention him in the same sentence as Fabregas, as that is pure disrespect.

Ozil had a good few years after the World Cup 2010, but since winning the league in 2012, he has been nothing but a very good player. At the moment he is showing no desire and he's not the player who can dictate the pace of the game like Fabregas can. He is just a guy who can see that final pass and 99 out of 100 times he will make that pass. There's no layers to his game at all. That is all he is. Fabregas can do that, but can also play deep and control the game, he can even play as the lone striker or come from the wings as he has had to do for Barca and Spain. He's developing a defensive side of his game too, although it needs a lot of work still. Ozil is too laid back and lazy to ever reach Fabregas' level.

Honestly, I understand why Wenger didn't bring Fabregas back. After only one season of Ozil (record signing) and Ramsey's breakout season, he couldn't drop either. But Fabregas has proven that he is better than every Arsenal player not named Alexis.
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